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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

We are looking for an outstanding candidate to fill a fully funded postdoctoral Research Fellow position. The opening is immediate, with a flexible start date, and the position will remain open until filled. The selected candidate will work on a subset of the following topics:


  • Robust, secure, and privacy-preserving collaborative/federated learning

  • Adversarial attacks and defense mechanisms

  • Learning on encrypted data

  • Biometric recognition and presentation attack detection

  • Anomaly detection in surveillance videos

More details are available here. Interested applicants should email their CV directly to Dr. Karthik Nandakumar.

PhD or MSc Students

If you are a current PhD or MSc student at MBZUAI and interested in working at the SPriNT-AI lab, please send an email to setup a discussion about your research interests.

If you are a prospective PhD or MSc student, who is interested in developing secure, privacy-preserving and trustworthy machine learning algorithms and AI systems, please apply to MBZUAI directly. More details can be found at:

Research Assistants

If you are a talented person willing to work on interesting short-term (3-6 months) projects at the SPriNT-AI lab, please send an email with your complete CV. Research Assistants are expected to have a Bachelors or Masters degree (or a current PhD student at a different university) in one of the STEM fields and some research experience in machine learning and/or computer vision.

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