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Welcome to the SPriNT-AI (Security, Privacy and Trustworthiness in Artificial Intelligence) lab at MBZUAI (Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence).  Our mission is to develop secure, privacy-preserving and trustworthy machine learning algorithms and AI systems. Our motivation stems from the strong belief that:

Machine learning does not start with data and end with models/predictions.
Rather, it starts with a problem faced by a real-world entity and
ends with an action having an impact on that entity.

The direct implication of this observation is that apart from the core task of enabling a machine to learn the optimal mapping between the input and output, there must be equal emphasis on the trustworthiness of the entire machine learning chain – including the data, model, predictions, and the actions taken based on these predictions. Our objective is to conduct research that addresses various trust-related issues in machine learning.

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